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How does it work?


We are made of 50 trillion cells + there are .07 volts per cell = 3.5 trillion volts of electrical potential in our bodies!

Just like plants, every cell releases photons of light. We inherently possess so much energy.

When this energy is locked in dis-ease, we aren't living at our highest capacity & vitality.

If you have questions,

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call 01800 4916307 for USA & CANADa. We are here for you. Our customer care is top-notch, available 10-4pm est.

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.


WITH every unit sale until 1st december


Quantum Wireless

This is scalar technology. It allows the unit to be run without you being attached to it via tens pads. You can go freely about your day, and still get the healing

-- from a distance!

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for $149

If energy healing is invisible, then


Tesla Biotech automatically kills disease on a cellular level while you sleep with it running on the TENS pads, the quantum wireless or both. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to do biofeedback and verify if you have an illness. If upon running the program you do not have detox symptoms of brain fog, headache, nausea or body aches, then you are negative. If you do have these symptoms, then you have the dis-ease you are testing for and are to continue therapy until the detox stops.

With over 20 years of research, we run a very fast cycle of 10 exact frequencies for each dis-ease. As each frequency lasts 1 minute, a cycle lasts 10 minutes. Because of this speed, there is higher accuracy to target the frequency at which the dis-ease vibrates, and our technology is fast to remove it. With the frequency range of 1 Hz to 1 million Hz we can treat 99% of all disease. For precise healing, we only use Square wave.

IN 2022, we live In a toxiC-laden environment.

If you aren't consistent in building a sustainable healthy habitat for your cells via movement, nutrition and electromagnetic frequency; contaminants will accumulate in the body and show up as dis-ease, which is always a sign of healing!

Everybody deserves to thrive and feel blissfully healthy. That's why at Tesla Biotech, we're committed to creating simple tools that give evident results.

Keep life force energy high.

Rebalance the body, mind and spirit.

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Chris (UK)

"The change with Alfie (our dog) is incredible. He's like a new dog. We thought we had lost him. He's up and running around again this morning after 20 hours on the right cancer frequencies (lymphoma). I can't thank you enough for the support."

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Paul (USA)

"I had chronic sciatica for 20 long years. Used a Tesla Rife 3 nights and am now pain free."

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Rachael (EU)

"I am delighted with my machine - I've gone through a heavy detox. My vision has improved and after one month of Rife I feel & look years younger! It confirms that many are ignorant to the universe being an intelligent place with solutions to all problems."

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Our Technology

Tesla 25

$759 + free shipping

Best economy rife machine

on sale

Normally $950. ​ Save $191!

Very advanced, using 10 precise frequencies in sweep mode. Pre-programmed for over 30 forms of primary top illness. Additional 5 settings for you to enter your own desired therapy. Two methods of use: TENS pads & scalar technology quantum wireless. Size: 3 x 7 in.

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Tesla 150 Elite

$1050 + $45 shipping

best value // on salE

Normally $1495. ​ Save $400!

This unit is for serious health issues and is typically used in clinics or homes with many forms of disease. Preprogrammed for 129 and an additional 21 available to change at any time. Two methods of use: TENS pads & scalar technology quantum wireless. Size: 8 x 3.5 in.

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Universal Pro

$1995 USD + free shipping

Most powerful & personalised

After a year in development, this unit has 200% more power and 200 programs. If you are dealing with one or more severe health issues this is the right unit for power and speed in healing. It has 3 methods of use, TENS pads, quantum wireless and photon light. Size: 9 x 6 in.

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Tesla Plasma

$2900 USD + $150 shipping


Normally $4000. ​ Save $950!

This is the latest in the field that includes the plasma light and elite desktop. It also includes the TENS pads and quantum wireless.

Size: 18 x 16 x 4 in.

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Why is this for me?

What competitors never tell you before you spend

value $60

value $40

our authentic rife machinES

signal generators

A signal generator, like any electronic device, outputs direct current. An authentic rife machine targets health & healing specifically.

The signal generators are to be pluggedin via USB and used alongside a computer program. Our machines are fully automatic.

Find out more at QuackWatch: A Skeptical Look at the Spooky2 Rife System.

In each package you receive...


  • the latest A-Z list of frequencieS


  • a comprehensive 'how to use’ guide
  • double therapy for faster results:
    • quantum wireless scalar tech


    • a month’s worth of tens pads

direct contact with skin for power & speed

They deliver small electrical impulses, which feels like a tingling sensation.

What makes us unique?

all our units

  • come with a 2 year warranty
  • are PROGRAMMED to 5 of your diagnosis needs, if asked
  • are fully automatic; no need for an app
  • have a built in power amplifier

Since we established the business in 2005, we have helped over 1,100 customers in 40 different countries. Almost half are doctors or clinics. We only work with the best American engineers to ensure our products are fully effective and simple to use.

Rife technology is 100% natural yet deadly to disease on a cellular level by breaking down an illness to remove it. It works for over 3,500 forms of illness. The tried and tested formula is correct frequencies + right power level for you + time = result.

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Liz (CA)

"I have had dementia for years. After 2 months on a Tesla my mind is clear!"

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Azalea (USA)

"I’ve had type 1 diabetes for 22 years and in 2 weeks of ordering my Tesla, my blood sugar has dropped form 250 to 150. And for the first time I think I can beat diabetes!"

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Tracy (EU)

"My son has reduced from 3 seizures a week to one each 2 weeks. I will start on the autism next."

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Sarah (UK)

"I ordered an Elite unit 3 weeks ago to deal with high anxiety and breast carcinogens. Delighted. Anxiety reduced and feeling good. "

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Jenny (USA)

"We have a large family so I ordered the Elite and in 2 weeks we had 3 problems removed."

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Robert (USA)

"I used a Tesla to help remove diabetes type 2 in 6 days. But I was determined and went to gym and stopped all sugar so I dropped from 170 to 110 in 6 days."

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what is the processing time for an order?

Express FedEx shipping 1-2 days, extra $50. Or we ship via the ​post office and takes 5-6 days.

what are THE top concerns and programs wanted today?

Detox from EMF / Wifi / 5G radiation; Remove nanobots / Morgellons; Covid; Detox vaccine trials; Obesity; Cancer general (200 types); Diabetes type 1/2 (450 million suffering from these); Myocarditis, heart disease/attack; Anti-aging & Top 10 universal frequencies. Small pox and Ebola are the next waves. People also look for help with Drug Addictions, Stop Smoking, Alzheimer's + Dementia, Arthritis + Osteoporosis, 7 Chakra Balance, Cold and Flu, Depression, Diabetes General, Heart Disease, Hepatitis General, HIV & AIDS, Lung Diseases, Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Pain, Covid-19, Parasite General, Comprehensive STD, Stress Tinnitus, Anxiety Disorders.


This is energy healing at home using both rife therapy and quantum energy, which is a remarkable wireless device, and able to heal over any distance.

Light Therapy

We provide Tesla light therapy with our plasma tubes which are used in conjunction with our Tesla units. They use dynamic light to transmit the frequencies into the body for faster healing.

what spECIFIC dis-eases DO you HAVE EXPERIENCE WITH?

Lyme disease treatment.

Over the past 8 years we’ve helped over 40 people remove Lyme disease & its one of the easiest to remove, typically in 12 hours or less.

Diabetes Type 1 & Type 2 Treatment

Currently 400 million people are living with diabetes type 2 & it can be removed in under a week, with serious use of our equipment. Type 1 is harder to remove. It currently has 50 million people suffering with it, and we are working with various customers to remove it.

Covid Treatment

Over 10 million people are currently suffering with this, yet our equipment can very easily provide Covid treatment & healing. Long Covid can be removed within 3 days, with serious use.

Pneumonia Treatment & Therapy

Can easily be done with our Covid programme, or you can use our Flu & Pneumonia programme. Pneumonia, like Covid, can be removed within 12 hours of therapy.


We can assist people with over 200 types of cancer treatment. To date, we have helped dozens of people with skin cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer. For this, we suggest our most advanced unit: the Universal Pro.

How to Use Our Technology

If you

have questions,

we have answers.

call 01800 4916307

for USA & CANADa. We are here for you. Our customer care is top-notch, available 10-4pm est.

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We are here for you. Our customer care is top-notch, available 10-4pm est.

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